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{ESTAR48} Oriental Drum N Bass {ESTAR48} Oriental Drum N Bass

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is by far the best D&B I have seen on newgrounds. The Buildup, instruments, pace, tempo, note choices and everything else is amazing. The song reuses parts of itself like at the beginning and end, and the pace changes don't take me out of the moment or mood of the song. This is great, and I hope you will make more songs in the future.

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ESTAR48 responds:

thanks for your review, im glad you think this is the best DnB, and yes, i will make more songs in future, im taking a break now, well kind of, my pc is running too low, so my music programs run very low, but ill fix it soon, from now, im training my skills in piano, and im recording songs i composed on a studio, im planning to do an album, i make electronic beats for fun and because i love music! Thanks again mate!

Amen, Gypsy! Amen, Gypsy!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well done.

I liked most everything about this song: The Buildup, the note choice, melody, and even the ending.

Usually I point out things that I dislike about a song and an easy way for it to sound more enjoyable to people, but Everything was great! The only thing I didn't care much for was certain instruments, but I know that that is what you were going for, so I have no problem with it.

Actually, I would have to double compliment you for making a song with instruments I don't much like still sound extremely enjoyable. This is amazing work.

Also, what program did you use to make this? I have some intrest in sharing my ideas with the public.

JPRixdorfer responds:

Thank you very much! Yes, the choice of instruments was determined by what I was trying to do, i. e. accordion, clarinet, trumpet and organ. The only synth I used was for bass, because it gave the song much more energy than a sampled tuba. A real gypsy brass band with a real tuba wouldn't have that problem. They rock with a tuba, no matter what!

I use reason 5, nothing else, because I'm too lazy to learn new programs! If you've got reason stuff you wanna share: I'm always open to collabs!

see ya!

dramala dramala

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good until the end

The Buildup and drums were impressive to me, but I feel that the ending was weak. The Music stops for well over a second at 1:22 and then goes to a much less intense section that in my mind had no connection with the rest of the song, for only a few seconds before fading out. I personally feel that the song would be much better without it, or maybe replacing it with a whole different ending that contains elements from the song before, where instruments are being taken away instead of added (anti-buildup) and made into the ending.

Doumaaa responds:

hey thanks for this review, yeah well the end that was something I wanted to add to the song but fl studio started lagging and I new I just had to finish the song so I put there as a weird ending ;) I agree it doesn't really fit there..

Cheers mate